Rita Haley Esq.

Attorney | Advocate | Warrior

Attorney Rita Haley partners with individuals, companies and organizations to provide sound, creative, and proactive business and legal counsel with a focus on helping clients avoid problems and crisis, not just solve them when they occur.With more than two decades of business, crisis management, and legal experience in various areas and industries, clients have access to all the resources they need to forge through any situation with efficiency and discretion.Ms. Haley actively practices in four states, Federal Court, US Bankruptcy Court, and has been a skilled advocate and trial attorney in a number of practice areas, including Business, Intellectual Property, and Real Estate Law.Ms. Haley's dedication to community service and civic leadership has been spans the whole of her life. From serving proudly in the military to her role as a professor of Constitutional and Criminal law at various universities around the country, her continued investment in the future of our society remains a top priority.


Ms. Haley is a life-long and tireless advocate for criminal (bail, felon reentry, probation) and juvenile reform, fathers rights, and the decriminalization of mental health issues.Some of the causes and organizations Ms. Haley gives her time to include:Maryland Volunteer Legal Services (Volunteer Attorney)
CASA (Volunteer Advocate)
AvaRae Justice Center (Executive Director)
Arts Group, Inc -DC (General Counsel)
Quincy's Counsel (Legal Director)
First Defense Legal Aid (Volunteer Attorney)
Susan G. Komen (Fundraiser, Volunteer)


In addition to practicing law, Ms. Haley wholly or partially owns a number of business enterprises and serves on several boards.Boss Starr Entertainment (Co-Founder/Director)
Miscreant Media (Board Member)
Deloache & Company (Board Member, Shareholder)
Haley Law Group, PC (Founder, Principle)
The Weathington Group (Board Member, General Counsel)